MEGAPOOL Pool Ladder


Pool ladders are essential yet overlooked features of swimming pools. They help swimmers get in and out of the pool easily. Ladders also provides secure entry and exit from the pool. They are important for the elderly, children and people who enjoy the therapeutic benefits of swimming pools.

Pool ladders are exposed to water containing chlorine and other chemicals. As a result, they must be made of a material that are highly durable and corrosion resistant. The number of ladders you need to install in your pool depends on the size of your pool. If the width of the pool is more than 30 feet, a ladder should be installed on each side of the pool. The number of ladder’ steps is also determined by the depth of the pool.

MEGAPOOL pool ladders are offered in two models, standard and club, and are available from 2 steps to 5 steps. The handrails of these ladders are made of corrosion resistant stainless steel, which is easy to clean and gives an attractive appearance to your pool. The stairs of the club model are made of steel, while the stairs of the standard model are made of plastic. MEGAPOOL ladders’ steps have slip-resisting surface. The dimensions of the stairs are set according to international standards and handrail are designed in a way that swimmers feel safe and comfortable when entering and exiting the pool. MEGAPOOL ladders are also equipped with bumpers which protect the pool plaster or vinyl liner from the ends of the ladder.