MEGA POOL Small Skimmer


MEGA POOL small skimmer is a long-lasting product with functional design, which has been offered with the aim of responding to the growing market of private pools. Designed for small backyard pools (up to 10 m3), these 8-liter skimmers are placed inside the pool concrete, toward the top of the wall, and direct the pool surface water to the filtration system.

One-Piece ABS Construction

As pool skimmers are installed inside the concrete of the pool wall, the skimmer body is at risk of cracking, particularly in winter or as the pool gets old. Cracks in the body leads to leaks in the structure of the pool, which itself, cause the pool to lose water regularly. In addition, due to their application and location, skimmers are constantly in contact with chlorinated water and other pool chemicals, as well as exposed to sunlight.

Hence, the one-piece body of MEGA POOL small skimmers is made of ABS, a heavy-duty polymer, highly resistant to chemical corrosion and UV light. In addition, the reinforcing bars added to the body and lid of these skimmers, play an effective role in preventing the body from cracking and consequently, the pool structural leak from happening.

One-of-a-Kind Design

MEGA POOL small skimmers are provided with two fittings that are used to connect the skimmer to the suction line of the filtration system. Since these fittings are of one side male and female threaded type (2″ male and 1 1/2″ female threads), it is possible to connect the skimmer to pipelines with sizes of 50 and 63 mm. There is a basket inside the skimmer that “skims” the leaves, bugs and trash floating on the water, preventing them from clogging the pump or piping.

MEGA POOL small skimmers are provided with a weir, i.e., a flap or door on the front of the skimmer, that regulates the inlet water to the skimmer based on the pool water level and prevents the debris collected in the skimmer basket from returning to the pool water when the pump is off. These skimmers come with a vacuum plate. You can attach one end of a pool vacuum hose to the plate and the other end to a vacuum head, and then, clean your pool manually using the suction from the pump.

Features of MEGA POOL Small Skimmer

  • 8-liter small skimmer
  • One-piece, heavy duty, UV resistant ABS construction
  • Reinforcing bars for added strength and longevity
  • Skimmer suction connection compatible with both 50 and 63mm piping
  • Equipped with skimmer vacuum plate


Dimensions of Skimmer Opening




Connection Size






120×160 290 2″-1 1/2″ 340 White