MEGA POOL Skimmer for Fiberglass Pool


MEGA POOL liner skimmer is specifically designed for fiberglass pools. To install the skimmer on fiberglass pools, a hole to the size of the skimmer opening is cut in the pool shell. A package including a frame and an adhesive gasket is provided with our skimmers that are installed on the opening of the skimmer using nuts and screws to ensure its secure and leak free installation.

One-Piece ABS Construction

The one-piece body of these 15-liter skimmers is made entirely of ABS and is highly resistant to the UV light and water containing chlorine and other pool chemicals. In addition, the reinforcing bars added to the body and lid of these skimmers, prevent cracks caused by pressure as well those caused by expansion and contraction resulted from changes in temperature.

One-of-a-Kind Design

There are two holes at the bottom of MEGA POOL liner skimmers. One of them is connected directly to the suction line of the pump and directs the pool surface water to the filtration system. The application of the second one, which is normally blocked, is optional. If needed, you can open the second one and connect it to the pool main drain. You can also use the second hole as the equalizer, which help keep the pump from running dry if the pool water drops below the standard level. In order to adjust or limit the flow of water passing through these holes, a flap is designed that is screwed onto the bottom of the skimmer.

In addition, MEGA POOL liner skimmers are provided with two fittings, which are connected to the skimmer from their non-threaded end, using solvent cement. The other end of these fittings, which are used to connect the skimmer to the piping, have 2″ male and 1 1/2″ female threads, which, therefore, make the skimmer compatible to the pipelines sizing 50 and 63 mm. There is also a third hole on the back of the skimmer with a connection size of 40 mm. This one, which is initially closed, can be used as an overflow port in skimmer pools.


MEGA POOL liner skimmers come with a large strainer basket that retains the contaminants floating on the pool water and prevent them from blocking the pipeline. The flapping door, i.e., the weir, installed at the opening of the skimmer, regulates the flow rate of water coming into the skimmer based on the water level of the pool, prevents toys and other large objects from clogging the skimmer, and keeps debris inside the skimmer basket when the pump is off. The skimmer vacuum plate is placed on the skimmer basket. By attaching one end of a pool vacuum hose to this plate and the other end to a pool vacuum head, you can collect the dirt and debris on the pool floor using the suction of the pump.

Features of MEGA POOL Skimmer for Fiberglass Pool

  • 15-liter large skimmer
  • Dimensions of skimmer opening: 17 by 23 cm
  • Skimmer depth: 40 cm
  • One-piece body made of ABS
  • Reinforcing bars for added strength and longevity of skimmer body
  • Combo (fitted with two suction connections)
  • Skimmer suction connection compatible with both 50 and 63mm piping
  • Regulation of water flow rate is possible from each port using a flap
  • Overflow port compatible with 40mm piping
  • Equipped with a large basket for collecting floating debris
  • Equipped with skimmer vacuum plate