MEGA POOL Water Curtains


Water curtain is a water feature added to the pool that gives a feeling of freshness and tranquility to swimmers by creating a constant flow of water and the soothing sound of rainfall. As water curtains are offered in modern and spectacular models, they also add to the beauty of the pool area. In addition to having optical attraction, they also help to aerate and cool the pool water.

When choosing a water feature for your pool, pay attention to its body material. The material used to make the water curtain must be resistant to chemical corrosion. In addition, when installing the water curtain, make sure that a separate pump is installed to power your water feature. In other words, using a same pump for the water feature and the filtration system has a negative effect on the performance of the pool’s filtration and heating system.

MEGA POOL Nevada Water Curtains

MEGA POOL water curtains, Nevada model are made of steel sheet and are consist of a frame that is placed inside the pool wall. They are available in two dimensions: 30 × 45 cm with inlet connection of 1.2 inches and 60 × 90 cm with inlet connection of 2 inches.

MEGA POOL Victoria and Vernal Water Curtains

MEGA POOL water curtains, Victoria and Vernal models are installed on the edge of the pool. They are made of 304 stainless steel sheets and are available in glossy and matte designs. These water curtains are produced using the current methods of sheet metalworking and welding. They have an inlet connection with a size of 2 inches and create a water curtain with a width of 40 cm. Victoria water curtains are available in two heights of 60 and 80 cm and Vernal water curtains are available in two heights of 80 and 100 cm.