MEGAPOOL Combo Skimmer


Skimmer is a rectangular shaped plastic container that is installed inside the wall of in-ground pools at 10 inches from the surface of the pool water. It is actually one of the key components of pool filtration system: the surface water of swimming pools is pulled into the suction line through the skimmer and is then directed to the filter and heater and disinfection equipment. Inside the skimmer is a basket that holds debris floating on the surface of the water and prevents it from entering the filtration system. The number of skimmers depends on the surface area of ​​the pool and one skimmer is considered for every 36 m3. The pool water level should be in the middle of the skimmer opening. If the water level is low, the pump will draw air which will eventually cause the pump motor to burn out.

One-Piece Abs Body

MEGAPOOL Combo Skimmer is an Iranian product modelled on Spanish products. The one-piece body of this large 15-liter skimmer is made of ABS; a thermoplastic polymer with excellent properties such as high impact resistance, temperature resistance, and chemical resistance. In addition, the body and lid of the MEGAPOOL skimmer have reinforcing bars. This is important because the skimmer is installed inside the concrete of the pool wall. If the body of the skimmer is not heavy-duty enough, the body will crack, particularly in winter or as the pool gets old. The skimmer lid is also located at the swimmers’ crossing and therefore, must be resistant to pressure and impact. The skimmer is equipped with a weir that regulates the inlet flow to the skimmer and prevents large objects from entering the skimmer.

Equipped with Two Suction Connections and One Overflow Port

Combo skimmers have two suction connections with 1.2-inch female and 2-inch male threads, and therefore, are compatible with both 50 and 63mm piping. The second connection is connected to the pipe that runs back to the pump. What about the first connection? One of the applications of the first connection is that a pipe from the main drain (suction from the floor) can be tied to it. This simplifies the piping system and reduces costs, as there is no need to run a separate pipeline from the main drain to the pump. The second use of the first connection is that it can be connected to the equalizer line; a suction line installed about 18 inches below the skimmer which allows the skimmer to keep operating if the pool water level drops below the opening to the skimmer.

What if the water level is too high? MEGAPOOL combo is equipped with an overflow port compatible with 40mm piping, which drains the excess water.

Equipped with Flap and Skim Vac

In order to regulate the inlet flow rate, combo skimmers are equipped with a flap that is screwed onto the bottom of the skimmer. When there is too much debris on the surface of the pool water, the flap can be adjusted to block the first connection. In this case, the flow from the main drain decreases and skimmer activity increases.

A skimmer vacuum plate (skim vac) is designed for these skimmers, which is easily placed inside the skimmer. You can attach one end of a vacuum hose to this plate and the other end to a vacuum head and clean you pool using the suction from your pool pump.

MEGAPOOL combo skimmers are available in four colors: white, black, light blue and navy blue, and you can purchase a skimmer that matches your pool design.