MEGA POOL Pump Stand


In order to prolong the pool pump’s life, it is recommended to raise the pump away from the ground by placing it on a stand. In this way, the pump electromotor is protected from getting wet or submerged in case of heavy rain or leaking piping or equipment. The pump stand can also reduce pump vibration significantly. Otherwise, the vibration of the pump will cause the fittings to become unsealed and create a leak in the filtration system.

MEGA POOL Pump Stand can be used with all pool filtration pumps. As their body is made of fiberglass, these stands are both more economical and more durable than metal stands. The height of the legs of MEGA POOL stands is adjustable up to 5 cm. Therefore, this product can also be used for pool machine rooms where the floor is sloping toward the drain. The legs of these stands can be secured to the floor using screws.

Features of MEGA POOL Polymer Stand:

  • Suitable for all pool filtration pumps
  • Body made of fiberglass
  • Height adjustable legs
  • Can be installed on sloping surfaces of machine rooms
  • Can be attached to the floor using screws
  • Available in black and yellow


Model Dimension






MPC-07 31 × 51 21 5