MEGA POOL Hidden Skimmer Lid


One of the concerns of pool owners is the lack of harmony between the skimmer lid and the tiled surface of the pool area. Pool skimmers are available in a limited colors, and most projects use white skimmers. Since tiles, stones, or ceramics in a variety of colors and designs are used for pool area, the skimmer lid usually does not match the pool surfaces. In addition, even with constant brushing, the plastic skimmer lid will discolor and look cheap in time due to the people walking on it and construction operations.

MEGA POOL Hidden Skimmer Lid, is designed and offered as an alternative to skimmer lids. It consists of two main parts and a small cap. One of these main parts is actually a frame that is installed on the skimmer. The second part is a tray which is placed on the main frame. It holds the inlay material (such as tile, ceramic, or stone) and creates an integrated and uniform finish with the pool area. There is a small hole on this tray that enables the user to remove the lid in a safe and easy way to access the inside of the skimmer box for maintenance (cleaning the skimmer basket or connecting the pool hose for vacuuming). At other times, this hole is covered using the small cap that is provided with the hidden skimmer lid.

MEGA POOL Hidden Skimmer Lid is suitable for MEGA POOL skimmers as well as for IML skimmers and level regulators.

Features of MEGA POOL Hidden Skimmer Lid

  • An alternative for pool skimmer lid
  • Includes two main parts and a small cap
  • Creates an integrated finish with the pool area
  • Easy access to the inside of the skimmer box for maintenance
  • Suitable for MEGA POOL skimmers and IML level regulators