MEGAPOOL MPL 1100 Stainless Steel LED Pool & Spa Lights (Niched)


Pool lights illuminate your pool for a late-night swim, highlight your pool design and contribute to the overall beauty of your pool area. These underwater lights are installed inside the floor or in the wall of the pool (at a distance of at least 25 inches from the water surface).

Mirab Arian Company provides Iranian LED pool lights with MEGAPOOL brand and offers them to customers with a one-year warranty. LEDs have replaced incandescent and halogen lights in recent years because they are highly durable, use much less energy, and emit much brighter lights. They produce light in a variety of colors and you can customize your pool to your liking. Installing LED lights will help you prevent accidents in your pool and add to the beauty of the swimming pool and the surrounding area.

MEGAPOOL LED Pool Lights are low voltage (12 V / DC) and as a result, are highly safe. The 304 stainless steel rings of MEGAPOOL lights are resistant to pool chemicals. The impact-resistant surface of these lights is made of polyurethane resin. These lights have IP68 degree of protection, which assures you that your pool light is adequately waterproof and can withstand higher surrounding pressure. The MPL 1100 series lights are available in two models, MPL 1105 (5 watts and 500 lumens) and MPL 1125 (25 watts and 2500 lumens). Colorful lights (Warm White, Cool White and RGB) and easy installation in the wall or floor of various pools and spas are other features of MEGAPOOL MPL 1100 Stainless Steel LED Pool & Spa Lights. You can turn the light on and off and change the color of the light using the remote control provided with the lights.