Following several years of experience in importing pool and spa equipment of world’s leading brand, Mirab Arian Company is now providing pool and spa sand filters under Iranian brand of MEGAPOOL. XA sand filters are modelled on the products of top European brands. In designing this product, the up-to-date knowledge of Iranian engineers and the experience of pool and spa industry activists are incorporate to produce pool filters to the highest standards for sparkling clean pool and spa water. Made of durable, reinforced thermoplastic, MEGAPOOL filters deliver reliable performance with minimal maintenance.

Design and Material

The tank of MEGAPOOL filter is made of fiberglass. Today, fiberglass has replaced polyethylene and galvanized metal in the pool and spa industry because it is heavy-duty, durable, yet lightweight, and corrosion and UV-resistant. Therefore, these filters are compatible with different pool and spa sanitizers, and even if the filter is installed outdoors, the tank will last for years. The surface of the filter tank is covered with two layers of gelcoat to protect and extend the life of fiberglass.

MEGAPOOL XA filters are side mounted. The main advantage of side mount filters over top mount ones is the ease of access to the filter tank. On a top mount filter, you have to disconnect the pipes to remove the valve to access the filter tank for sand, standpipe or laterals replacement. On a side mount filter, you don’t need to and therefore, filter is serviced much easier and faster.

The lids of these filters are made of a transparent thermoplastic called polycarbonate. Polycarbonate has replaced glass because it is high-duty, yet light. In order to improve the quality of filter lids and facilitate access to filter tank, changes have been made such as adding brass beads planted inside the lids, increasing the thickness of the lids’ reinforcing bars and increasing the diameter of the lids.

Operation and Features

The filtration system of these filters is of high-rate type. Therefore, these filters are able to provide the maximum filtration rate (50 M3/H). They are equipped with a water dispenser and 12 water laterals. The dispenser distributes the water evenly throughout the filter media. As the water goes down through the filter media, suspended particles are trapped. When the water reaches the bottom of the filter, it is collected by the laterals and sent back to the pool.

These filters are equipped with European multi-port valve made of ABS. The filter performs various operations on the pool water depending on the multi-port valve handle’s position, namely Filter, Waste, Closed, Backwash, Recirculate and Rinse. Pressure gauges installed on MEGAPOOL sand filters is also of high importance. If the gauge shows a number below the normal range (1.2 to 1.7 bar), there may be a blockage or clogging in the water suction line. If the number shown by the gauge is higher than normal, it is necessary to backwash the filter so that the water passes through the filter in the opposite direction and the accumulated particles are flushed out of filter media. These filters are equipped with a port in case you need to drain the filter water to replace the filter media, winterize the filter and for other maintenance matters. In order to improve the filtration efficiency of sand filters, it is highly recommended to use MEGAPOOL glass filter media instead of sand filter media. Glass filter media have a longer lifespan and removes particles as small as three to five microns.